Monday, March 25, 2013

Sunday = Friday

Welcome to my world of retail. Today is Sunday, but it’s really my Friday to those of you who work “normal” 9-5 jobs. I’ve been “lucky” to have a fairly set schedule while working retail.
Current Job:
Select Comfort (Sleep Number)
Yes, I sell beds. I feel so silly telling that to people when they ask, but at other times I don’t. I just go back and look at the $$ amount we entered into our taxes this year of total salary for last year- it was a real nice number. A bonus of working retail/sales/commission. Oh, that just happens to be the downfall also. Commission. As much good as it does, its just as bad.
Previous Job:
CT Corporation (Wolters Kluwer)
Don’t ask what the company does. It actually does a variety of things. Ok, you asked (I can read minds, didn’t you know?!)
I worked in the Corporate Legal Services side of the business, in a Telesales office. No, not TELEMARKETING as my mom as convinced the first year I worked there, but Telesales. All sales were done via telephone. Our life was to be on the telephone.
I started out there as a mere peon with 2 other gals my age who both went to real big colleges and just graduated. We all were looking for that foot in the door and experience in the Corporate world, so here we met. The first year as a “Marketing Rep” aka Customer Service/office bitch was kind of a joke. A new position they didn’t know where they were going with. Then a light went off. Wow, these girls are smart and can handle more work so lets give them more work and see what happens. Well….it happened and happened well that our 3 person team turned into 8 ish in a year or so. Job titles, changed, responsibilities changed, crap pay stay the same.
Fast forward 3 years in that craptastic position, I moved up in the world. The office was expanding rapidly and I finally found a new position for me- Applications Trainer. The company was about to release a new website for the company which was a huge deal and we added 2 trainers in our office to do just that- train/help customers on the website. It was great (at most times) for the next 2 years. I never thought I’d leave that job. Ton’s of vacation, decent hours, etc. Then things were changing…. shit started to roll downhill faster and faster each day. Then I got sick (we’ll talk about that later) which made it even worse on me. Next thing I knew, nervous and teary eyed, I handed in my resignation letter.
Current Day:
Sunday night
Applying for new jobs! I just sent my resume into a handful of places, mostly Customer Service positions. I need to get out of retail. I need the structure of a M-F, 9-5 job again. I did find a few I think I’d be qualified for and a few I’d really like to talk to them more about. *fingers crossed* I get at least a call or email back!

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