Saturday, March 23, 2013

Living Fabu * Living Lousy

A little about me and blogging
This has to be the 5th blog I’ve started over the years? Ok, who am I kidding, there had to be more. I never liked the name of the blog or I never liked my layout or did not know exactly what I wanted to write about or I was too distracted reading other blogs to write my own. I get distracted kind of easily….
I’m not really sure what I was looking up the other day, but it had the word “fabulousy” in the title. As I was looking at that word, it broke apart in my head to 2 words: Fabu and Lousy. Ohhhh I think I can work with this!


What is FABU?

FABU is "Fabulous"


FABU Definition / FABU Means

The definition of FABU is "Fabulous"


The Meaning of FABU

FABU means "Fabulous"



What is Lousy?

adj lousier, lousiest 1. Slang very mean or unpleasant a lousy thing to do 2. Slang inferior or bad this is a lousy film 3. infested with lice (uh?!!) 4. (foll by with) Slang a. provided with an excessive amount (of) he's lousy with money b. full of or teeming with Source

Wow! I never expected to see #3 in there. *itching head*

I decided that many things in my life, things I’d like to write about and share with others could fall into these 2 categories. I could have some fun with this!
So here I am again. I hope for good this time. And I promise if I do get distracted easily, I’ll get right back to my blogging!

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